About Us MVCC

About This Group

The Magic Valley Camera Club (MVCC) is a group of photographers that enjoy sharing are art with others.
We post questions, pictures, videos, events on our page and have fun.
Please NO advertising or selling, EXCEPT learning opportunities can be posted by a member after board approval.
You can have your watermark on your photos you post. No Facebook advertising or website advertising allowed except in the watermark of your photo. 
Please note vulgar, unkind, and political comments will be deleted.

Board Members 2023

President – Connie K
President Elect – Dan T
Vice President – Dan T
Website Secretary – Leah S
Treasurer – Ann D

Board Members
Kim C
Connie G
Dwayne L
Barbara W
Lisa H
Ernie C

Group Rules From the Board of Directors

1. Post questions, pictures, videos, events on our page and have fun.

2. Please NO advertising or selling, EXCEPT learning opportunities can be posted by a member after approval from admin.

3. No Facebook advertising or website advertising allow except in the watermark of your photo.

4. One post per day which can include multiple pictures.

5. Please note vulgar, unkind, and political comments. Be nice to one another. Vulgar or mean comment will be taken down.

6. Give more then you take. Photography item and photo selling is NOT allowed.

7. DO NOT share someone’s phots unless you ask permission. Be courteous and ask first. Please watermark your photos. While anyone can use the share option, if you don’t want your photo shared, don’t post on this site.

8. If the photo was not taken by you, the photographer must be credited!

9. Anything the admin deems to be spam will be deleted without warning.

Magic Valley Camera Club Bylaws

1. The name of the organization shall be the Magic Valley Camera Club
ARTICLE II – Purpose
1. The purpose of the not-for-profit club shall be to educate, encourage and expand the photographic knowledge and capabilities of its members by: (a) furnishing a meeting place where its members may associate, (b) presenting lectures, course study and demonstration of sponsoring activities which further the purpose of the Club
ARTICLE III – Membership
1. Anyone interested in photography may participate in club activities. No formal membership is required and regular participation in meetings is considered membership.
ARTICLE IV – Governance
1. The governing body shall be the volunteer board of directors.
2. As a non-membership organization, the governing body will be self-perpetuating. The board shall have no less than five members or nor more than seven.
3. Those wishing to serve on the board shall notify the current president in writing and shall give a brief bio with reason why you want to be on the board or an officer. The president shall present the name of the volunteer to the existing board. An affirmation vote of the existing board by secret ballot of 2/3 of the board membership shall be required to seat the new member.
4. Terms of a board member shall be three years. Two board members will be elected each year for a three-year term. The board shall adopt terms for individual members such that 1/3 expire each year. At the expiration of the board term, affirmative vote by secret ballot of 2/3 of the existing board members will be required for a member to retain the seat.
5. The board may act by either in-person meeting or by polling the board by a group message or similar means.
6. A quorum for all matters but board member elections shall be one half plus one board member.
7. Only one member of family/household may retain a board position.
ARTICLE V – Officers
1. The officer shall be the President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.
2. Terms of officers will be three years.
3. Officers and board will be selected by the board at the November regular meeting.
4. Past President will be a nonvoting member, unless needed to break a tie. They will be staying in an advisory role for one year.
ARTICLE VI – Dues and Finances
1. No dues are required to participate in club activities.
2. The club may charge fees for particular activities to cover costs and to raise seed money for additional activities.
3. Expenditure of $100 or less may be approved and paid by the treasurer or president alone. Expenditures over this must be signed by two of the account signers.
4. The club encourages participants to volunteer time at the Twin Falls County Fair photo building to raise a pool of money for the club activities.
ARTICLE VII – Meetings
1. Meeting of the board will be called by the president. If requested by five board member (s), the president shall schedule a board meeting within two weeks.
2. The dates of regular club meetings may be determined by the president and the vice president with a goal of a meeting the second Tuesday of the month. Additional meetings may be scheduled and regular meetings cancelled as necessary.
ARTICLE VIII – Facebook Page
1. The primary communication vehicle of the club will be the club Facebook account. The board will approve a Facebook team of at least three administrators for the account.
2. The board will review the Facebook page policies annually to see they are meeting the goals of the club.
ARTICLE IX – Amendment of the Bylaws
1. An amendment to these bylaws may be initiated by (a) the board or (b) by a petition signed by at least 15 of the regular participants. A regular participant is an individual who has physically attended at least ½ of the club meetings during the prior 12 months.
2. Notice of the proposed amendment shall be given by publishing on the Facebook page, together with the reasons therefore, at least thirty days prior to the initial discussion club meeting. Action to adopt or reject will be by secret ballot at the next regular club meeting with 2/3 majority required for approval.