Our Day Trip Adventures


Day Trips

These adventures can be just a few hours or maybe the whole day

Excursion to Black Magic Canyon

Saturday November 11th Excursion to Black Magic Canyon.

 We will meet in the IHOP parking lot at 8:00 AM

then meet at Jerome Valley Wide Co-op on Hwy 75

then to Shoshone Valley Wide Co-op (across the railroad track)

and then our final destination of to Black Magic Canyon.

Dress warm!

Join us for a star party!!

Saturday August 12th on top of Mt Harrison at sunset into dark sky at the lookout on top. Dress warm!

July 29, 2023 the mountains are calling

The flowers on Mtn Harrison are calling. Saturday July 29 a group we will be up at Mt Harrison for sunrise and then flower pictures meet up on the mountain for fun excursion. Bring water and of course your camera!

February 4, 2023

Annual MVCC Snowshoeing Adventure led by Colin Randolph

It is time to put on a pair of snowshoes and check out the snow near Stanley, Idaho. Annually, brave souls from the Magic Valley Camera Club head up to the North Country with cameras, tripods and snowshoes to see just how wonderful the soft, fluffy white stuff is looking. You are invited to join us on Saturday, February 4, 2023. The plan is to leave the IHOP restaurant in Twin Falls at 8:00 a.m., stopping for a moment in Shoshone in case someone needs a fresh coffee or last minute treat (or to meet others who might be coming from other areas besides Twin Falls). From there we will venture North to Ketchum, where we will stop again at Atkinson's Market. My guess is that it would be about 10:00 a.m. when we get there. At the store you will find a great deli where you can purchase a sandwich and a favorite beverage (we will call that your lunch!). They also have a restroom downstairs-- 🙂 ). We will travel up over Galena Summit to the Little Redfish Lake area to begin our photo expedition. We snowshoe in approximately one half mile, stopping on the way in to take a few pictures of soft fluffy snow on the trees or beautiful creek beds. The entire journey into Little Redfish Lake is flat and the amount of exertion is low, if you haven't snowshoed before and are worried about being able to keep up. Come on--it is a group of photographers with tripods and cameras and beautiful scenery. How fast do you think we will be going?? After we are done at Little Redfish Lake, we can then venture to Stanley to see if there are a few elk at the hot springs, if a few want to go there. In past years, a few people of the group have decided to have a pizza dinner in Ketchum on the way home and some have even strolled through the Sun Valley complex to do some evening photography. It will be a wonderful opportunity to see beauty and share with your fellow Magic Valley Camera Club friends.

Meet Up in Twin Falls

December 17th at 6:30 PM we do an photo excursion to Orton’s Botanical 876 Addison Ave W. Twin Falls

Twin Falls 2022 Festival of lights

PHOTO WALK on December 9th, we will meet at Mary Alice Park at 5:45 before the Festival of Lights Parade. Take photos of the light parade and then do a photo walk down Main St.