Magic Valley Camera Club

22April2023_Connie Gill_Straubhaar
Artist of the Week Connie Gill-Straubhaar
Thank you Connie for sharing your image with the MVCC
10April2023 Kurt Wilcox
Thank you to Kurt Wilcox for the image of the week
Perrine Bridge image courtesy of one of our night owls, Kurt Wilcox. Thank you for your creative image and for sharing with the MVCC
A Bender Photography
April Meeting; A Bender Photography Zoom Meeting
College of Southern Idaho Mini-Cassia Center 6:30 PM – 8:15 PM April 11, 23 We will have a Zoom presentation by Alyce Bender of ABender Photography. Alyce, or Bender as she prefers to be called, is...
Thank you Peter Dyndiuk for the photo of the week
Thank you Peter for sharing the image of a nice warm place