Magic Valley Camera Club

13March2023 Karen Goodrich Randolph
Thank you Karen Goodrich Randolph for the Photo of the week
Thank you Karen for sharing this image with the MVCC
5March2023 Darlene Ashley
Thank you Darlene Ashley for the photo of the week
Thank you Darlene for sharing your image with the MVCC
County West March & April 2023 Leah Scrimpsher
Congratulations to Leah Scrimpsher, Our new artist on display at County West
We would like to invite you to stop by the Twin Falls County West Building when you’re in the neighborhood, and check it out! The Magic Valley Camera Club changes the artist on display every 2 months....
Thank you Skye Fassett for the photo of the week
Thank you Skye for sharing the image that you created! We really have a great time at the Magic Valley Camera Club. Image created by Skye Fassett during the recent macro class offered by Kim Critchfield....