Excursion to the “Teepee Rocks” with Colin Randolph

A wonderful photography opportunity is coming this month for the MVCC. We have scheduled an excursion to the “Teepee Rocks” near Oakley, Idaho, on Saturday May 18, 2024. We will try to get to the site around 10:00 a.m., which means that we in the Twin Falls area need to leave at 8:00 a.m.

At 8 a.m. the caravan will leave from the Red Cap Corner parking lot in Kimberly, near the First Federal Savings Bank.

The drive is about 80% paved road with the last 10 – 15 miles on dirt roads with some pretty good-sized rocks in the roadbed (it is not a “smooth” gravel road) so you should plan on arriving in a vehicle that has tires that can take a bit of abuse. When we get to the actual site, there will be about a mile of walking (round trip) over uneven surfaces, so have on good walking shoes. If you really feel adventurous, there are hills to climb that will put you into some great locations for photographs. The terrain is so uniquely different and beautiful. Macro photo opportunities are all over, as well as close and distant landscape shots.
The Tee Pee rocks are, according to Shawn Willsey, geology professor at the College of Southern Idaho, are “tuff ash deposits from explosive eruptions in the Twin Falls volcanic field 8-10 million years ago.” Wind and water erosion over several hundred years have created many amazing viewpoints. Look for further information and pictures of the site on Google—Tee Pee Rocks of Southern Idaho. Visit Southern Idaho is also another site that has promoted the place. The plan is to only be there as long as you want to be there. For the most part, YOU and other Magic Valley Club members will just be walking around finding beautiful places that grab you! You might want to bring a cooler with a lunch or snacks.
Make sure that you have plenty of beverages and some sunscreen, as you are out in the weather the entire time. The forecast for that day, according to the Weather Channel app is a high of 71 degrees with an 8% chance of rain. Hope for puffy white clouds and beautiful blue skies in abundance! They do have snakes in that territory too, but if we make lots of noise, we should be fine.